Autumn layering

OUR TIPS: WEATHERING FOR COOLER (autumn) WEATHER For colder weather, about +7 to +12 degrees, the MERINO underwear shirt has been very useful as a first layer. It is very comfortable even when slightly damp, it simply does not get cold. A little about Merino: Merino wool fibres are much finer than the fibres of classic shearling sheep wool. Its basic advantages ... Read more


Termini Bar London

One of our long-standing customers and friends is Bar Termini and their manager Robin Kolek, based in London. Termini Bar Team uses cycling jerseys from the ACTIVE PRO range see product catalogue , designed for hobby and pro cycling, complete with classic cut cycling caps. Here is a short report (or even a guide on how to take a great bike ride:) Robin about the bike route: ... Read more